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In Ahmed Ahmed's Brand New 2020 Tour “A TRIP TO AHMEDICA” with never-seen-before material, Ahmed will introduce you to a whole new world of strange, unexpected, and beautiful experiences from around the globe.

Be prepared for an exotic trip as Egyptian-American actor, comedian, producer, and director Ahmed Ahmed, in his new comedy tour, flies you over the pyramids of Egypt to unveil the surprising difference between Iranians and Persians.

Laugh your socks off to Southeast Asia as he details hilarious stories about black magic in Malaysia and the infamous Ping-Pong Show in Thailand.

Ahmed will take you on a bumpy safari ride, talking about monkeys at Batu Caves, as well as his thoughts about some "Muslim" animals. Then cross the Mediterranean Sea with him on a budget airline all the way back to the "grassy" lands of California.

Experience the world from the perspective of an American-Egyptian growing up in the Land of the Free: From parents’ strict dating rules to the real reason why Muslim dating apps work great for women but not for men.

Be sure not to miss the Pharoah of Comedy and book your tickets now. This will be a magic carpet ride of funnies you won’t forget!


Ahmed is the co-founder of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour. It was highly acclaimed by patrons worldwide and connected people across different cultures.

He was featured in the film ‘You Don’t Mess With The Zohan’ and TBS hit comedy series Sullivan & Son, amongst others. He directed and produced Just Like Us, a celebration of culture and comedy, which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and went on to win several awards.

I hate flying because my name is on like... nine lists. I Googled my name and it matches the name of a guy in the Middle East who’s a terrorist.

—Ahmed Ahmed


Ooooooh, the terror!

1996: Executive Decision
Trying to stop Kurt Russell on a plane.
1996: Steel Sharks
A scary and totally evil Lieutenant.
1996: Roseanne: "Roseambo"
Weakness: Beard.
2008: You Don't Mess with the Zohan
Zohan (Adam Sandler) said he looked Mexican.
2008: Marvel's Iron Man
There's a terrorist named Ahmed in Iron Man. Guess who plays him?

And all because my name is Ahmed Ahmed, I can't even fly a kite these days.

—Ahmed Ahmed



Finally playing normal characters

2011: Just Like Us
Ahmed's directorial debut, which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Documentary Feature at Tallahassee Film Festival.
2012-2014: Sullivan and Son
His character, Ahmed Nassar, quickly became a fan favorite.
2017: The Scapegoat
All four characters (The playwright and his three inner demons) were played by Ahmed Ahmed.


2005-2011: Axis of Evil Comedy Tour
Ahmed was a member of the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour, a groundbreaking, historical, and trailblazing comedy tour. It later become the first ever Middle-Eastern Comedy Special to be featured on Comedy Central, and broke many boundaries and barriers.
2008: Wild West Comedy Show: 30 Days and 30 Nights
Ahmed was amongst the four comedians Vince Vaughn picked from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles for the tour. The documentary follows the month-long live comedy variety tour of Vaughn and these four stand-up comedians in the spirit of Wild West shows.
2019: Oriental Pharoah World Tour
Oriental Pharoah explores the point of view of an individual trying to stay true to his Middle Eastern- American roots while discovering the wonders of Asia.


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